Current Mindset

I read my horoscope this morning and it stated the following:

A lot of people think of you as a  dreamer (true). And you are (you see!), most of the time. But you also have a deep well of strength and a great determination to get what you want (absolutely true). The difference between you and someone who would be considered “driven” is that you usually use a much softer approach, this is what fools other people. You are positive and patient, and you approach what you want with a kind of dreamy nonchalance, but you often get what you want. This week, Pisces,  you will get what you want. Don’t let anyone underestimate you.

I was very excited to read this today because I kinda already felt it but it was just the confirmation I needed. (Btw, to all of the other Pisceans(?) out there, you’re welcome)

I’ve been having a sort of internal battle between staying positive no matter what the outer circumstances look like and being scared out of my wits because I want to be able to support myself and my kids. So far I’ve been dabbling with a few ideas and have been hoping, wishing, praying, willing into existence (and everything else anyone could possibly do) that one of them can come into fruition.

Sometimes I wonder, “Do I worry because it’s a part of my culture?” I mean, you gotta admit, we Americans are some stressed out people. Every time I get ready to worry I have this little voice in my head that says, “What are you worried about? What’s the worst that could happen?” So then I think about the worst thing that could possibly happen and my head says again, “Ok, then after that?” and it reminds me that there is an “after that.” If life goes on even after something as tragic as a death of a loved one, I’m sure it’ll go on after the bills aren’t paid, the eviction notices are dealt and all sorts of other things come to pass.

So then I go on and put my “strong” face on for the kids and let them know that everything will be alright (because it will be).


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