Book Review

I’ve just finished listening to this on audiobook and have lots of great things to say about it. First off, I just can’t imagine any person in the world who wouldn’t or doesn’t like Ellen. She’s hilarious!!! The book had me and my kids cracking up whenever we went for a drive. Just like she mentions in the book there was a little something for everyone. She had lots of fun things to talk about with content for adults, teens and young kids. In the PDF she even includes coloring pages! She’s great, she thinks of everything. My oldest son even asked me while we were listening, “Mom, is she rich?” and I responded, “Relatively, she’s very famous.” He then went on to say, “She sounds like a regular person, not like someone who’s rich and snobby.” I thought that was a great compliment to her and hope that when I’m rich the same can be said about me.

Any who, after listening to all 3 discs (relatively small book I guess) she has really inspired me to lighten up, love your life and even piqued my interest in writing. I mean, come on, she has some chapters in this book that don’t even amount to a full sentence but was still funny as hell. Half the time I was thinking, “This is considered a book? I can do this! I think…” I know I don’t currently have the influence that she has and don’t know nearly as much people but I have faith in myself and know that there’s a place in this world for me.

As much as I love to read and write, I wouldn’t be too sure what to write about but that won’t shake my faith. All in all, though a quick read, it really packed a punch and made me laugh all the way through. I think its worth reading if you want a good laugh.


One thought on “Book Review

  1. Oster's Mom says:

    I read this one, too, recently. Loved it!

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