Inspirational Session

I’ve just felt the urge to write, so when this happens, I don’t fight it I just write. Lately, I’ve been feeling so inspired and so motivated despite my current situation. Many people around me only see the single mom with no job and possibly no future but what they don’t see is my unwavering faith in myself.

Since quitting my job I’ve done several things that I’m quite proud of:

  • Became an AVON representative in an attempt to generate some income
  • Spent quality time with my kids and got more involved in things that we all can enjoy as a family
  • Focused on school and ensured that I got the best grades possible without forgetting to enjoy myself in the process
  • Started a blog in which I can pour out my thoughts whenever they’re crowding my mind
  • Started working on cultivating positive thoughts because I truly believe that thoughts are things and what you focus on will be what manifests itself in your life (thoughts are extremely powerful)

I’m probably missing a few things but those were a few that came to mind. Every time I want to be fearful about my future, something deep inside me tells me that everything’s going to be alright and maybe, after going through many difficulties, I have in a way inoculated myself against worrying. I confuse myself at times because it almost feels wrong. I use analogies to describes lots of things so it kinda feels like I’m at a funeral and I’m the only one rejoicing in the fact that someone has moved on to something better while everyone else is having the typical mournful responses. Am I making any sense to anyone?

If not, I understand. I’m not usually up this late so this could just be my last-minute-right-before-I-hit-the-hay ramblings that I’m subjecting you to. Oh well, it’s all out now, so maybe I can go to sleep now without having all of these thoughts floating around in my head. Thanks for listening (or reading I guess).

Don’t ever forget how precious and powerful you are. Love yourselves dearly.


5 thoughts on “Inspirational Session

  1. zen city says:

    nice! i think you’ll be just fine – if not better than ever!!

  2. norma says:

    I love your blog. I hope you will be an inspiration to single mother’s in your same situation.

  3. norma says:

    My favor blog is the Inspirational ones. Keep them coming please.

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