Long Lost Blog

What happened?Ok, I really don’t know what happened. This morning I was on a blogging role (or at least I thought). I created this epic, awesome blog about my son’s silly dog. I mean, I thought it was pretty funny and elaborate but after I clicked publish, it just disappeared.

Even when I tried to preview it only showed the blog title but no content. I publicize my blog on Facebook and twitter and when I checked there it was still blank forcing me to delete the post entirely. Oh well, maybe the blogging gods were watching out for me and telling me, “C’mon. Do you really think people wanna read about his dog and his silly little antics this morning?” I thought so at the time but I was a bit sleep deprived so maybe it was for the best, however, I’m kinda looking at the blog gods now and saying, “Is this what they were supposed to read now?”

No I don’t do drugs, yes I do talk/write to myself (I was raised as an only child ya know).

Maybe later I’ll come up with something better, in the meantime I’m gonna check out some other posts. (You guys out there in the blogging world are really good at this; I’m still practicing)

Happy reading 🙂


4 thoughts on “Long Lost Blog

  1. Perky says:

    obviously quite a naughty/playful dog and it ran away when you weren’t looking? There’s a blog post in that if you think about it ;P

  2. I was an only child as well, and talking/writing to ourselves is perfectly acceptable. Who else can understand where we’re coming from and quietly agree with everything we say?

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