My Twitter Revelation

This is a first for me. I’m blogging from my iPhone so please forgive me if this looks weird.

I’ve recently fallen in love with Twitter. I still don’t fully get it but I think I’m slowly catching on & building a nice following. I finally have a goal that I’d really like to focus on & I’ve been able to use Twitter (& Word Press for that matter) as a platform to help build my dreams.

My current situation, that some of you already know about, is that I am single mom of 4 who is currently studying to become an interpreter for the Deaf.

Well recently I’ve come across an opportunity to also become a medical instructor who teaches CPR, OSHA, domestic violence/child abuse classes & more related courses.

Once I become an interpreter I would like to combine those two & provide those services to the Deaf community as well. I still want to write & I will, however, I also want to make a difference. Who knows, maybe one day I could put all three together & impact people globally?

I’ve got big dreams & am very motivated. I want to make my family proud & set a wonderful example for my children. I want them to learn to believe in their dreams even if no one else does & know that I will believe in them no matter what.


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