Quick Update

This has been my mantra for the past couple of days. Sorry for skipping out on yesterday’s post (and Thursday’s as well). Just for catch up; Thursday was a serious workout day for me and my family. We all stretched and walked to the park, played some basketball, through the football around, tossed the frisbee back and forth, jogged around the park then walked back home. After that we went to the pool and swam for a few hours until our muscles were killing us.

Then in the afternoon a took another walk at another park with the BF where we were able to catch up a little (we don’t get to see each other much).

Anywho, yesterday we took a little break and this evening there is a back to school pool party splash bash in which we will, again, swim until our muscles ache.

I am about 97% sure that I will start my 30 days of Yoga countdown on Monday, however, it’s still not confirmed because I need to find a Yoga source. By this I mean that I don’t have any Yoga video or affordable Yoga classes in town but if I have to YouTube it I will!

Well I said this would be quick and it is because I snuck away from the kids (who are  currently waiting for me to start the DVD we’re supposed to be watching together) in order to give you guys an update.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! Write ya tomorrow.


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