How very exciting!!

It was so very exciting. I finally got to make a (successful) connection with someone in the Deaf community. I was brave enough to set up a meeting with the head of the Deaf Ministry in a church that’s near my home. She was extremely nice and wonderfully patient with me and my signing skills (or lack thereof). I found out many helpful things from her and she is willing to help me hone my skills.

She teaches an ASL class at the church and invited me to the class as a supplement to the ASL II course I’m already taking. Like myself, she is also of Puerto Rican descent and has a few Spanish-speaking students in her class as well. She suggested that I also start taking Spanish classes because the Deaf community is in desperate need of Spanish-speaking ASL interpreters. She also said, being that I am Hispanic, it would be great for me to improve my Spanish and help my children learn as well.

I’ve done so much research today on what school to go to next for the Sign Language Interpreter Program and have been working on changing my major to an AA in Foreign Languages for Spanish at my current college. Today has been an outstanding day! Oh! Also, as an added bonus, I had an interview this morning at a nearby hospital for a phlebotomy position which has extremely flexible hours and therefore shouldn’t interfere with school (I think I nailed that interview!)

I’ll do my best to keep everyone posted on my future ASL adventures! 🙂


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