Leafy Yumminess!


Well hello and good morning to you all!!! Here I go again on another one of my hair brained plans. I have become a vegetarian, or so I think I have. I don’t know, how long do you have to go without eating meat before you can officially say you’re a vegetarian? A week? A month? Years? Is there a vegetarian handbook out there? Oh well, I guess it doesn’t really matter because I make up my own rules as I go. This is MY life isn’t it?

So far I’ve gone 1 day without eating meat and honestly I really don’t see this as a potential future problem. I really think I can do this! I shall see I guess and so will all of you. Until I either crack or turn green I will see you next time my lovely followers.


Dining Preferences: Veggie, Omni or Divinity?

FruitsWell here goes another series of random thoughts that came to me in a typical bubble-above-my-head fashion. As some of you may or may not know I have been taking steps towards improving my health. I have changed my eating habits and have increased (initiated) my, previously non-existent, exercise regimen.

This all originally was started by my aunt and my mom. The day after Christmas (2012) they suggested that all three of us make some changes to the ways we eat, which of course is female talk equaling one word: diet.

Oh well, I don’t like the sound of that word but it is what it is. Being that I love those kind of challenges I was definitely up for our friendly competition. So, just to spare you the boring details, I’ll briefly summarize how we are doing (sort of).

Again, we began this challenge on 12/26/12  and so far I have lost 35.5 lbs. Unfortunately, that’s the extent of sharing I can do as I’d rather not share anyone else’s personal business. Sorry.

Anywho, I recently watched the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” It was basically a movie about juicing and the health benefits that come along with it. It was a great movie and I’m extremely interested in attempting to try a 10 day juice fast. I only have a few concerns:

  • Cost of buying a good juicer
  • Cost of buying tons of veggies/fruits
  • Cost on my body. (What I mean by this is; is it safe to be on a juice fast with the level of activity I currently do? I wouldn’t want to pass out in the middle of boxing class, ya know!)

I’m not too sure about that last one but I do have an appointment with a dietitian later on this month so hopefully they can help me with my questions. I also have been dabbling with the idea of becoming a vegetarian. (I know that whoever knows me and reads this will probably be laughing their socks off at this point but please keep them on as I stick my tongue out to you :p). The problem is that I don’t really know any vegetarians and I get stuck second guessing myself and thinking “What the cheese flakes is there to eat?” Perhaps there are some of you readers who can give me some insight on this?

Lastly, I wanted to share a bit of a spiritual moment I had last night in class. FYI: My religious preference is difficult to explain….so I won’t 🙂 (You can thank me later!) With this said, my professor was discussing an excerpt from one of the novels we are reading. It was about one of the characters describing how humans cannot define God using “God is _____.” This is because any word we use would be limited to our vocabulary and therefore attempting to contain God which of course is absurd because God is not something/someone who can be contained. The character went on to say that if you see someone/something “God-like,” simply say that it was a form of God. Basically meaning that God has made Itself into a certain form for your benefit.

The professor also made a statement regarding Holy communion and how it is representative of how God becomes the bread and the wine in order to come within you. He ended with a question that got me really thinking. “Can you digest divinity?” – (Dr. David Pringle) I believe the answer is both yes and no.

The divine dichotomy.

What do you think?

High Eustress Level

Well it has officially been…..an umpteen amount of days since I’ve last blogged & now I’m back! (Please hold your applause til the end. Hee hee)

Just as an update, let me inform you of what’s been going on in my oh-so-busy life.

To skim the surface, let me give you an abbreviated view of this determined mom’s life.

– I am currently working 2 jobs.
– I am going to school.
– I (still) have 4 children.
– 2 of the above mentioned children are on soccer teams.
– I (still) have a boyfriend.
– I have run 3 5K’s (with above mentioned boyfriend.)
– I participate in a Zumba class twice a week.
– I participate in a boxing class twice a week.
– I run 2-3 times a week.
– I try & swim at least once a week.
– I have lost 35.5lbs since December 26, 2012.
– I’m starting up my blog again.

I’m probably missing a few key, life elements to this list but as you can see I’m quite busy & am not the greatest at remembering everything at once.

With all of that said I’m very excited about starting up my blog again. This is yet another one of the “writing” challenges that I’ve given myself. I’m sure you’ve heard if how people will say, “if you want to become a writer, start writing!”

Here I am writing, please be there reading.

Write ya some more real soon!!