A Little Break

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged so let me catch everyone up. Tuesday my BFF and I had lunch at Steak ‘n Shake for the first time. We were both blown away by how delicious and affordable their food was. We are definitely planning a future outing there with the kids. We often think about practicing our victory dinners in which we’ll be celebrating our success. It WILL happen. That night the city also had an early Independence Day celebration and we went to watch the spectacular fireworks display by the lake. It was a superb moment filled with lots of smiles.

Wednesday was Independence Day of course and it was sooooo much fun! The kids and I went to the pool and swam our little hearts out. Then we did some grilling in our backyard, played some card games and lit firecrackers. We hadn’t had fun like that in a long time. We need to have more days like that without it having to be a special occasion.

Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday. He turned the big 05! He was so excited. We went to go get him a much-needed haircut, then we went to see Madagascar 3 (short review may follow this post), afterwards he had a mini shopping spree at the dollar store (working on a budget here) and then had lunch at Mc Donald’s (Thursday was $1.99 Happy Meal Day! Yes!) In the evening we went to my BFF’s house and had dinner then B-Day cake and festivities. Overall I think he enjoyed his day.

That was our last 3 days. Madagascar 3 review below.

As mentioned above, my youngest son and I went to see this movie yesterday as a part of his birthday bash. This installment of the Madagascar movies is about the zoo animals trying to get back to their beloved home, the Central Park Zoo.

At first I thought this one was going to be a dud because it kind of had a slow start. All of the old characters were there, however, they introduced a some new characters: Captain Chantel DuBois, Stefano the Sea Lion, Vitaly the Tiger and Gia the Jaguar. I honestly wasn’t too impressed until the circus scenes started, once they did it made the movie an absolutely stellar one. Overall, my 5-year-old giggled his head off and I was pretty entertained as well.

P.S. The “I like to move it/Afro Circus Remix” at the end was phenomenal!! 🙂


Reset on Life

Good morning! I feel as if my life’s reset button has been pushed. I feel fully rejuvenated and refreshed today. I feel like I can conquer the world and all of my dreams have come true. It feels like if someone were to look upon my face today, I would look absolutely radiant and glowing.

Not sure what happened and I can’t really explain it but I just have a great feeling about today and know that great things are coming.

After my melt down over the pancakes yesterday, I felt like I needed some inspiration, something to bring back my natural umph. So I went to the library and started searching for a book/dvd that impacted me significantly a few years ago. That book/dvd is called The Secret. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction so I knew that getting some more of those positive images and thoughts in my mind would change my situation.

I didn’t find it at the library but with all of my intention and focus I said to myself, “It’s not here but I will find it or it will find me.” I knew, that I knew, that I knew it was coming to me. I just sent out that intention and went on about my day. So not much happened for the rest of the day. I went to class last night and my mood started to improve as is the usual case whenever I’m in school (I often say that I’m addicted to academia) and when I got home I had dinner, taught the kids some of the new signs I had learned, etc, etc.

Later on in the evening I noticed my kids were watching a movie on Netflix and it was just coming to an end so they asked me if we could watch a movie together. They gave me control over it so that I could choose for us. After flicking for what seemed like an eternity, guess what movie happened to be available to watch instantly? You got it! The Secret. I screamed out so loud and so fast that my kids looked at me like I was purple with ten heads as my dear friend Christine would have put it.

They didn’t want to see it with me but at that point I didn’t care because I felt like my mission was accomplished. I had attracted this movie to me!

Just to give you a little background, periodically I test myself on the power of my mind by strongly intending something and it always works. Somehow though I allow myself to get so caught up in my surroundings that I forget about that power. Today I will be focusing strongly on remaining positive and sending my intentions out for the life that I am choosing. I will go about my day knowing that it will all come to me and will work on helping anyone who needs an encouragement boost today.

I love how powerful my mind is and how I’ve come back to this point in time and reminded myself about this power. I’m here also to remind you of the power that you have. You are all-powerful beings. Use that power to shape your life however you want it to be. This is not a joke, a myth or just crazy talk. This is REAL. You don’t have to take my word for it, just try it! You won’t lose anything by putting all of your efforts into thinking positive. Try it for at least today and see what happens!

Many blessings to you all today!

Double Whammy

Ok folks. I have yet another movie review, however, with a little added bonus – as mentioned in the title…it’s a double whammy!! (AKA, a double movie review) So, I got invited to go to the movies with my sweety today and I got to pick the movie. Being that I love Adam Sandler I figured “That’s My Boy” would be worth a shot.

Well, of course I was well aware that this movie would be a….well, whatever you would call the opposite of a chick flick. There was lots of cursing, nudity and inappropriate scenarios but guess what? That’s what made the movie hilarious!! I couldn’t stop laughing; Adam Sandler is just frickin’ ridiculous sometimes.

Someone else who had me in stitches was Andy Samberg. Who know nerdy looking Andy could be so funny? (Other than the umpteen million other people in the world who have cable and watch him on SNL)

So being that I’m not a professional movie reviewer, or whatever the PC title is, I’m going to just mention some highlights and hope that it doesn’t ruin it for anyone.

Basically the movie starts off with Donnie (or Donny, can’t remember) Berger (Adam Sandler) and his “hottie” middle school teacher having a sexual relationship. They were caught of course which in turn made Donnie famous for living the dream of apparently every middle/high school boy and sending, now pregnant, teacher to jail for 30 years.

Ok now, so fast forward to I don’t know how many years and long story short Donnie is in need of some money, his son is someone who, although not very popular, is someone who is well off. Therefore, Donnie tries to rekindle his relationship with his estranged son by visiting him on the weekend of his wedding. It was just all around too funny to go into a summary without spilling all of the good moments. Sorry, told ya I wasn’t a professional at this (at least not yet!) P.S. Waaaaazzzzzzuuuuupppp is NOT back! (Thank God!)

Now on to the next short, quick review.

Ok now I know this isn’t the most current of movies but after watching “That’s My Boy ” my sweety and I plopped down on the couch and “Iron Man” was on so I figured, what the hay? It’ll at least give me some blog material 🙂

So I had just recently seen this movie for the first time around 2 or 3 weeks ago after watching “The Avengers” (yet another awesome movie) because I had not seen it yet and I wanted to catch up.

As I’m sure everyone knows at this point, this movie is about basically how weapons developer, Tony Stark, became Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. does an excellent job with this character making this movie very interesting and funny as well. Lots of special effects and action involved, which I loved and well, the rest you probably know by now unless, like me, you’ve been procrastinating and haven’t seen it yet. If not, it’s a MUST see! (Trying out my movie reviewer lingo)

Well, that’s all for now. Until mañana people….that is unless I get hit with some inspiration and decide to grace you with yet another post??

Movie Review Moment

Ok, I’m very new at this blogging thing and haven’t fully made a decision on what exactly to be blogging about. So today I’m just going to comment on a movie my kids and I watched a few days ago. Forgive me if these titles are a bit outdated, however, we’ve been hitting the library everyday this week and these are the best we could get.

So without further ado, a quick (or maybe not so quick movie review) on “I Don’t Know How She Does It” starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

I haven’t had much exposure to SJP, however, I am under the impression that she has a large fan base, therefore please don’t send out a hitman for me after you’ve read my review, this has nothing to do with her personally….ok?

Ok….so the statement/question is this, “I Don’t Know How She Does It.” Well guess what? I do!! She had a husband, support system, an excellent job and only 2 kids! That’s how she does it! I thought this movie was going to at least show a whisper of a reflection of the difficulties of motherhood. Maybe some found what she was going through as an, OMG-poor-thing-I-can’t-believe-how-well-she’s-handling-her-life moment but I surely didn’t. As a SINGLE mom of 4, who up until recently had a full-time job and went to school part-time, what I saw her go through in the movie seemed like a walk in the park! Ask me about some difficult motherhood moments and I’ll give you some real life hectic experiences.

Any who, now that I’ve got that part out of the way, overall the movie was pretty good, minus the wondering how she did it part.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this movie??