Interesting ThoughtsI’ve been catching up on a lot of my blog reading this week. I enjoy searching for and reading other people’s blogs. I love looking for blogs that have to do with writing, blogging, life, love, books, movies, ASL/Deaf Culture, humor and a multitude of other categories.

By far, I think the most interesting and most popular types of blogs, in any category, has to be the countdowns. People that are counting down til they reach a certain age, countdown to their surgeries, countdown to their baby’s birth and the most important one to me, at one time, a recipe countdown. This was the countdown that got me started.

Julie Powell blogged about the time she cooked all of Julia Child’s recipes from a particular cookbook. She made sure she gave her readers a timeline and posted all of her trials and tribulations during her venture. After that she had a book and a movie made about the whole thing. I’m sure I’m missing some steps in there but that’s basically the gist of it.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting to have one of my own? Something that may pique people’s interest and want to read about? However, another less cheerful thought lurks about. Who wants to read about anything you have to say and what would your countdown be about? Should I recount about my son’s 2 weeks in football camp? He’s already made that kind of easy, he’s posting updates to his Facebook everyday, letting everyone know how it went. (I did suggest that he start his own blog but that went in one ear and out the other; teenagers)

Or should I be counting down until there is a wonderful shift in my life and I say, “Woohoo, it’s finally happened, I no longer have to worry about anything ever again!” Yea, probably not. I would need a timeline and that could take forever, or even worse something amazing could happen tomorrow and bye-bye blog topic (that actually wouldn’t be so bad).

I just don’t know the answer but I know the answer’s in there. Hey wait! What if I create a countdown to my countdown? Would that just be too utterly ridiculous? I mean what if started with, “Ok, I am giving myself 30 days to come up with a countdown to something! I have 30 to come up with a topic or…or….or else what?” Oh brother. Maybe I have a couple of screws loose.

I don’t know. Let me ponder upon this for a little bit folks. I’m kinda crumbling under the pressure right now. (Jk, not really)

To be continued….


Going Deeper and Deeper

I Love You in ASLEveryday I try to learn something new in the Deaf community. Today I’ve gone into a mini Deaf ┬árampage. I went to iDeafNews and watched one of their videos. I still don’t completely understand but it is something I look forward to doing more often as I continue my journey in learning ASL.

When the correspondent was signing I was falling more and more in love with the language. It just seemed so beautiful, so artistic; almost like watching a beautiful play or something. I’m probably making it more magical than it was but that’s just how I felt about it. Everything I’ve learned so far about Deaf Culture has really intrigued me. It’s like I’ve been enchanted by this culture and want to learn more and more each day about them.

I’ve been fervently seeking a Deaf group in my community in which I could possibly get involved with and practice my ASL. I haven’t had any luck yet but I will continue to seek and enjoy myself in the process.

Hey! Let me know if anybody out there in the blogging world could maybe possibly relate ­čÖé