Long Lost Blog

What happened?Ok, I really don’t know what happened. This morning I was on a blogging role (or at least I thought). I created this epic, awesome blog about my son’s silly dog. I mean, I thought it was pretty funny and elaborate but after I clicked publish, it just disappeared.

Even when I tried to preview it only showed the blog title but no content. I publicize my blog on Facebook¬†and twitter and when I checked there it was still blank forcing me to delete the post entirely. Oh well, maybe the blogging gods were watching out for me and telling me, “C’mon. Do you really think people wanna read about his dog and his silly little antics this morning?” I thought so at the time but I was a bit sleep deprived so maybe it was for the best, however, I’m kinda looking at the blog gods now and saying, “Is this what they were supposed to read now?”

No I don’t do drugs, yes I do talk/write to myself (I was raised as an only child ya know).

Maybe later I’ll come up with something better, in the meantime I’m gonna check out some other posts. (You guys out there in the blogging world are really good at this; I’m still practicing)

Happy reading ūüôā


A Little Break

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged so let me catch everyone up.¬†Tuesday my BFF¬†and I had lunch at Steak ‘n Shake for the first time. We were both blown away by how delicious and affordable their food was. We are definitely planning a future outing there with the kids. We often think about practicing our victory dinners in which we’ll be celebrating our success. It¬†WILL happen. That night the city also had an early Independence Day celebration and we went to watch the spectacular fireworks display by the lake. It was a superb moment filled with lots of smiles.

Wednesday was Independence Day of course and it was sooooo much fun! The kids and I went to the pool and swam our little hearts out. Then we did some grilling in¬†our backyard, played some card games¬†and lit firecrackers. We hadn’t had fun like that in a long time. We need to have more days like that without it having to be a special occasion.

Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday. He turned the big 05! He was so excited. We went to go get him a much-needed¬†haircut, then we went to see Madagascar 3 (short review may follow this post), afterwards he had a mini shopping spree at the dollar store (working on a budget here) and then had lunch at Mc Donald’s (Thursday was $1.99 Happy Meal Day! Yes!) In the evening we went to my BFF’s house and had dinner then B-Day cake and festivities. Overall I think he enjoyed his day.

That was our last 3 days. Madagascar 3 review below.

As mentioned above, my youngest son and I went to see this movie yesterday as a part of his birthday bash. This installment of the Madagascar movies is about the zoo animals trying to get back to their beloved home, the Central Park Zoo.

At¬†first I thought this one was going to be a dud because it¬†kind of had a slow start.¬†All of the old characters were there, however, they introduced a¬†some new characters: Captain Chantel¬†DuBois, Stefano the Sea Lion, Vitaly¬†the¬†Tiger and Gia¬†the Jaguar.¬†I honestly wasn’t too¬†impressed until the circus scenes started, once they did it made the movie an absolutely stellar one. Overall, my 5-year-old giggled his head off and I was pretty entertained as well.

P.S. The “I like to move it/Afro Circus Remix” at the end was phenomenal!! ūüôā