30 Days of Yoga – On Temporary Hold

Hello all. I apologize for not posting my progress yesterday. I did well with my Yoga and meditation, however, hit a snag in my life later on that evening. This snag has continued into today and unfortunately I’ve allowed it to interrupt my flow. I know I shouldn’t allow this, however, it has currently tied me up both physically and mentally. I feel that it is very important to take special care of this issue before moving on. I wish I was brave enough to share it with you all but I am not at that point yet. I will do my best to recover from this quickly and try to get back to my Yoga endeavors. Until then I may or may not be posting any blogs. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


30 Days of Yoga – Day 1

Well today marks my first day trying out Yoga. I meditated for about 15 minutes prior to starting (something else I’ve decided to start simultaneously), however, I have some mixed emotions about how it went. I searched on YouTube and there were quite a few “Yoga for beginners” videos. I tried a few and I think I’ve found the one I liked the most. Below I will list my likes and dislikes about my first Yoga experience.


Being that I was watching these videos on YouTube there was plenty of variety therefore I was able to check as many as I wanted out prior to starting. I felt very relaxed and really had a sense of peace during and after my session. I can see the benefits of starting an exercise routine like this.


I don’t have the proper equipment/gear to be able to perform some of the poses (i.e., yoga mat, belt, etc.). I also, couldn’t get the kids quiet enough for me to concentrate and focus on what I was doing. I realize that these “dislikes” have nothing to do with actual Yoga and more to do with me.

Overall I think it was great and I will keep on going and chronicle my journey along the way. As always any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. 🙂

New Info

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post here’s what I’ve learned and executed thus far. I’ve done some more research on yoga and found out that next week would be a better time for me to start as mother nature has me sequestered for the next few days.

In the meantime I’m doing what I can to start improving my health. I took a 20 minute walk this morning and had a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries. I think the most difficult time that I have is listening to too many people when it comes to what I should be eating. There’s just too much information out there and I don’t know which one is best for me.

I don’t have any insurance or funds to spend on a nutritionist so my best bet right now is to control my portions. As a little glimmer of hope, this upcoming semester in school, I will be taking a health and wellness class which I’m hoping to gather some great info on what I should/shouldn’t be eating.

So for now I’ll do my best and try to keep everyone posted daily so hopefully they’ll be less chance of me flaking out.

Wish me luck!