Here I go Again

Just Lovely, HappinessGood morning everyone! Here I go again. I woke up with this overwhelming feeling that something wonderful is going to happen.

It’s a typical, beautiful, sunny Florida Saturday morning. These are the days that I usually like to go garage sale hunting with my daughter and when I dream about the day my mom moves back down so all three of us can enjoy our mother-daughter days.

Unfortunately, the necessary funds for us to enjoy that luxury has not manifested itself yet. No worries, I’m confident that the money will appear to us as needed.

For now I’ll just enjoy this Saturday as much as possible. I’m supposed to have a free afternoon today, yay!!! What will I do?

Any suggestions?



Renewed Strength

Ok confession time. I woke up yesterday with the idea that I would be getting lots accomplished. I woke up early, wrote down my goals for the day (knocked most of them out quickly), and even learned few new signs  and taught them to my kids.

However, by 10 am I was attacked by the moping monster. I shut off the computer and decided to take a nap. The kids looked at me like I had just been abducted and replaced by an alien being.

I feel like I’ve been stuck in a bit of a muck (hey look! I could be a rapper!??!) I have so many ideas, thoughts and plans but the energy of a turnip (sorry, just threw that in there, for all I know turnips might be the most energetic things on the planet and I’ve just messed up my reference point)

I feel overwhelmed. I’ve had so many book ideas, I just let them pour out on a page and doggy ear that part of my notebook. I did get a chance to look up some “how to create an outline” ideas. I don’t know if that’s what I need but it just feels like what I need is to get organized.

I need to get struck by a muse and when I say struck I mean TKO’d and when I say muse I mean an idea that would make the daily grind not so grind-y.

I mean, I’m not trying to have so much money that I can burn it in the fireplace (although I am open for that amount) but just enough to not have to figure out which is more important, soap or deodorant, because funds are low.

Very soon I will be brave enough to share my story and elaborate on this soap/deodorant comment so that people can get a clear understanding of where I’m coming from.

Until then I will continue to muster up as much strength as possible to keep on going and give it my all not to give up. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!