Just Take It Easy

Good morning. I am writing today from my dirty dining room table (as a result from last night’s dessert – chocolate cake). It’s been raining for 2 days straight and I think I may be suffering from a bit of cabin fever. Don’t get me wrong, I love rainy days, I think they provide a serene setting for many an inspired session. However, the scene changes completely when it’s summer vacation and you’re stuck inside the house with 4 bored children, a hyperactive lab and an indifferent cat!

I checked my email this morning as I normally do and received one of many inspirational newsletters. I typically do this every morning and use it as a shield for my day to come. These inspirational tidbits usually give my mornings the jolt I need to stay positive and productive throughout my day; today, however, something different occurred.

After reading the inspirational newsletter there was a video attached promising to increase my income in X amount of time. So being that I am currently unemployed and seeking a way to earn some income online (because I am convinced that it can be done) I checked out the video. The video was very intriguing and sowed a seed of possibilities in my mind.

The video was explaining how to create an e-book in a few “simple” steps. I have had this desire to write lately so this definitely piqued my interest. Well after about an hour and a half of research, several YouTube videos, a gazillion rain drops and seemingly a bazillion (hopefully that’s more than a gazillion) “Mom!! What’s for breakfasts?!” I am suffering from a brain overload.

I know what I want for my life and the life of my kids. I want to teach them that you can achieve anything you want if you set your mind to it. I don’t want them to fall for the lies that have been implanted into our minds about how hard life is. Life is only as hard as you make it to be. I don’t deny that there are difficulties that we might endure (trust me I know about some) but life goes on, should you choose it to do so.

I realize that sometimes when I’m pushing too hard to make things happen, these “things” come to a grinding halt and although I know what to do, fear stops me from doing it. From deep within myself I know that I should just stay calm, take it easy forĀ a bit, maybe pray or meditate for a little bit, then get back to working on my goal once I’m rejuvenated. It’s easier said than done at times because as soon as I want to step away my mind screams, “Noooooo! You have to work hard and search and search and search until you find an answer. You must find a way to support yourself and your children. You must find a way to generate an income without working 80 hours a week and never seeing your family. You must, you must, you MUST!!!!”

Then there’s that wee little voice again that says, “Sometimes you allow your thoughts to take over and therefore you can’t hear or see the answer right in front of you. I guarantee that stepping away for a moment will not completely undo any work you may have already done or squash any ideas you may have.

Just take it easy for a spell.” This post may be more for me than for anyone else.

Thanks for reading. Now off to make pancakes I go.