The Art of Non-Conformity

Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want and Change the WorldThis is my short review on Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want and Change the World.

This is the 1st of 2 books written by Chris Guillebeau. Some time back in May I read Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek and fell in love. Absolutely could not put it down. Shortly after that I signed up for Tim’s blog and have been reading as many articles as possible. So one day there was an article titled: Six-Figure Businesses Built for Less Than $100: 17 Lessons Learned

This article was describing how many different people had created lucrative businesses for less than $100. These  stories came from Chris Guillebeau’s book titled The $100 Startup.

There’s actually a little story I’d like to share about that book first. When I first read the article on Tim’s blog I was hooked. I mean H-O-O-K-E-D, hooked. I called every library in the neighborhood but no one had it, however, being that every librarian was having difficulty finding it (due to the title, lots of them weren’t sure whether they were looking for $100, One Hundred Dollar, The… etc), one brilliant librarian looked it up on Amazon and found the right spelling. She then said, “Hmm, looks like this book just came out a few days ago so the library probably won’t have it for a while.”

I don’t know why but that really shocked me. I thought, “Wow! Look at the pull Tim Ferriss has,” because I’m sure I wasn’t the only one dying to have that book after that blog post. Anyway, I had my mind set on getting that book so the kids and I searched for the nearest book store (which by the way, was 25 miles away) and started our quest. As I had suspected the book was extremely popular. When I requested the book from the cashier she looked it up and said that there was one left.

So you should have seen it; the kids and I were scouring the bookshelves looking for this thing. Then I got an idea, I told the kids, “The first one who finds it gets the first hundred dollars I make from it.” Oh it was on, they had their eyes peeled. I had to show my little one a picture of the book because he can’t read yet. So after about half an hour guess who finds it?…..Me! Phew!

After all of the commotion and the disappointed sighs I finally had the book and couldn’t wait to start reading it. Went home read it in about 2 days. It was a very good book, extremely informative. Have I started my business yet? No, but I believe the book has a lot of great information and resources in it.

So sorry about all of that but I always try to give some background to my reviews/stories, a lot of people hate it but guess what? That’s just me and I love me 🙂

As for The Art of Non-Conformity, I think it was also a great book, however, I can see improvements in his new book (which is a good thing). This book was actually pretty groovy (I’m not as old as you think), he chronicles his early life in where he lived in Africa for 4 years volunteering in a part of the country that was torn apart by war. He also went into detail about how he was able to  start small businesses that didn’t quite make him rich but allowed him to pay his bills and get by. He was very adamant about his love of traveling. I believe this is what fueled his desire to start a business in where he can be anywhere in the world and still run it.

I am not too interested in traveling the world at this time because of the added stress I believe it would cause me to take 4 kids, a dog, a cat and a fish on a big family trip. Once the kids are grown and gone, they may barely get to see me with all the traveling I will be doing! 😉 But for now I’m doing my best to find the means to be able to take care of the minimal things. I want to find ways to be able to bring in an income to just be able to pay the bills until my business gets off of the ground. I tried tweeting him to see if I can get any helpful hints straight from the source.

I’ve also been focusing on trying to find like-minded people or people who have had similar experiences to mine so that we could maybe bounce ideas off of each other and get a great thing going here.

Any struggling single mom’s out there making it big?

By the way, anyone interested in reading up on Chris Guillebeau and for free resources, check out


Just Finished This One

Finding the Time, Money, and Energy to Live the Life You Want to Live

As my blog title states, I’ve just finished reading The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook by Paul & Sarah Edwards. The subtitle to this book reads: Finding the Time, Money, and Energy to Live the Life You Want to Live. Being that I am working fervently on trying to start my own business I make sure that I make time to try to nourish my mind with different media on related topics.

I really enjoyed reading this book and feel that it has added value to my life and given me great insight into how to enjoy the journey of following my dreams. I very much appreciated their vivid descriptions of the Pine Mountain community that they were living in at the time of writing this book. It actually made me want to maybe take a trip to a log cabin or something to take my family to spend time with nature.

They did very well with helping me find practical ways to go after my dreams and how to do it effectively as well. Overall, I feel that it was well written and provides many useful tips to us “dreamers.” Can’t wait to read “Working from Home”, I’m sure it will be just as refreshing as this was.

Rambling Mode

I am a writer; not rich, not famous, not yet known, not well polished, but nonetheless, a writer. I have recently been feverishly reading post after, article after, book after, story about writers and writing. I’ve researched and studied upon their difficulties and successes, their ups and downs and their beginnings.

This is the part that is most difficult for me: beginnings. Well, maybe not entirely. Let me reveal my current situation to you all. I have several stories in my head and I’ve even jotted some parts of these stories down, either in a notebook or saved them on my computer. The problem isn’t really content is it’s the “what’s next part.” I mean if I let my fingers roam free across the keyboard or give them a pencil and paper, there’s no telling how much will be regurgitated on the pages/screen. However, I guess I’m having difficulty with….structuring? I don’t know if that’s the proper terminology but basically I’m having trouble putting my stories together.

I have a couple of theories on why this is, but not entirely sure if any of these are the real dilemma. Could it be that I don’t allow for enough quiet moments in my life to allow for the creative juices to flow? Could it be that I wasn’t meant to be a writer despite the urge I have to write at times that is so strong it makes my eyes pop open around 6am or keeps my eyes open well into the night with thoughts, themes and plots? Or could it just be that I’m over analyzing it all and I should just start writing?!!? I don’t know but I’ve always believed that we all have the answers to our questions already engrained in us. Most of us are just too busy or too doubtful of those answers and swear that we have to hear it from somewhere/someone else.

With that out-of-the-way, I’m going to go listen to myself and just start writing and worry about the pitfalls later. Thanks again for reading and by the way, although I already have the answer, I wouldn’t mind any suggestions anyone out in the writing world may have. 🙂

My New Love

I had to add this last post before hitting the hay. I just got home from my first Intro to Humanities class and I’ve fallen in love, yet again, with one of my classes. The professor described this class as “the history of art.” My ears perked up like my son’s lab whenever his name is called.

I knew this class was going to be different when walking in we only heard old-time rock blazing. Afterwards, the professor went on to introduce himself and give us a little background on his history with Humanities. We also got the usual spiel about what our assignments would be, grading, attendance, etc.

He showed us a few videos featuring “the world’s greatest educator” James Burke in which he describes our society’s dependence on technology and how our world would come to a screeching halt without it. In this video he describes the importance of the plow which was invented by the Egyptians. He continued to blow us away by all of the inventions that followed this discovery.

As intrigued as I was by all of the above, the part that captured my attention the most brought me back to thinking about something I mentioned in my posting this morning about The Law of Attraction. To give you a little background about my desires, if you haven’t read them or know me personally, I want to be a writer. I mean I am a writer, however, I want to improve my writing skills and one of the exercises the professor gave us is intended to work on our proofreading skills and improve our writing! When I read that line in our syllabus I was thinking, “this is what I asked for and here it is!” Ask and you shall receive. Indeed.

So I look forward to learning as much as I can and maybe sharing some with my readers as I go along.

Any particular classes or experiences move you lately?

Another Quick One

I know I said that my last post would be the last of the night, however, I’ve just finished reading the last book of the Fifty Shades of Grey series and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to do a quick review.

I must admit that I was very curious about all of the hype this book was getting when I noticed the over abundance of references to this book on Facebook. So of course what do I do? I got a copy and read it duh!

So as you all may know by now these books are classified under the category of erotic fiction and for good reason. They contain very explicit, detailed encounters of the BDSM kind. At this point there are two types of readers out there when it comes to this and heck I guess all books. You either love it or hate it. I’ve read a few reviews and mainly I’ve only noticed the negative ones. Some reviews say that they ignite lust in women when it shouldn’t, so in other words its another form of adultery? Some say its too violent – as opposed to what? Our G rated, never ruffling any feathers TV shows?

Well here’s my opinion: I was very entertained by these 3 books and as I’ve mentioned in conversations with friends, I believe that the attraction has less to do with the BDSM part as it does with the underlying love story. Face it people, most women want to be the one to say that they were able to fix up their screwed up man by sticking by him and helping him get over his issues. It just happened to be that she chose to help him via kinky fun. Sound like a fantasy? That’s because it is people!! Geez!

I know that the reason I read fiction is to get away from the reality that I’m living. Fiction takes me places and transforms my surroundings for a period of time. This book is for adults and as adults we should be able to make our own minds up on whether or not read these. It really doesn’t matter how outraged or appalled people are about it, it doesn’t change the fact that E.L. James hit a home run for some women (and men) and is making tons of money from it.

By the way naysayers, there is nothing wrong with people who have different sexual lifestyles! Those are private moments and people should feel free to express themselves sexually as they see fit….js.