My 1st Love

In past posts I may have mentioned that I am a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator; that’s my official title. I have been a medical assistant for 10 years with 6 of those years being dedicated to research. Research was my 1st love. The first company that I worked for gave me a wealth of knowledge. I was immaculately trained by 2 awesome women who have gained my full respect. I felt like I was in control and could handle any position in research, I was the research superwoman!

My thoughts on research now: After moving 200 miles away from my first research site, I have been able to experience several other sites. I have officially fallen out of love with research. I have seen so much dirty research that I just can’t stand it anymore. I was originally getting into the nursing program at my college so that I can advance my career in research and was dabbling with the idea of possibly becoming a pharmacist and help with the creation of new medications to help people. After the experiences I’ve had, I’m sadly giving up on it. It feels like a break up with heartache and all. I have many fond memories of the years that I had in research but that’s all over now, things have changed drastically.

If its meant to be, maybe one day, should there be a reputable company worthy of sharing my knowledge with, maybe my love can be rekindled but for now I will lament with all of my other research soldiers who have been let down.

Anybody out in the blogging world have any similar experiences?



My New Love

I had to add this last post before hitting the hay. I just got home from my first Intro to Humanities class and I’ve fallen in love, yet again, with one of my classes. The professor described this class as “the history of art.” My ears perked up like my son’s lab whenever his name is called.

I knew this class was going to be different when walking in we only heard old-time rock blazing. Afterwards, the professor went on to introduce himself and give us a little background on his history with Humanities. We also got the usual spiel about what our assignments would be, grading, attendance, etc.

He showed us a few videos featuring “the world’s greatest educator” James Burke in which he describes our society’s dependence on technology and how our world would come to a screeching halt without it. In this video he describes the importance of the plow which was invented by the Egyptians. He continued to blow us away by all of the inventions that followed this discovery.

As intrigued as I was by all of the above, the part that captured my attention the most brought me back to thinking about something I mentioned in my posting this morning about The Law of Attraction. To give you a little background about my desires, if you haven’t read them or know me personally, I want to be a writer. I mean I am a writer, however, I want to improve my writing skills and one of the exercises the professor gave us is intended to work on our proofreading skills and improve our writing! When I read that line in our syllabus I was thinking, “this is what I asked for and here it is!” Ask and you shall receive. Indeed.

So I look forward to learning as much as I can and maybe sharing some with my readers as I go along.

Any particular classes or experiences move you lately?

Inspirational Session

I’ve just felt the urge to write, so when this happens, I don’t fight it I just write. Lately, I’ve been feeling so inspired and so motivated despite my current situation. Many people around me only see the single mom with no job and possibly no future but what they don’t see is my unwavering faith in myself.

Since quitting my job I’ve done several things that I’m quite proud of:

  • Became an AVON representative in an attempt to generate some income
  • Spent quality time with my kids and got more involved in things that we all can enjoy as a family
  • Focused on school and ensured that I got the best grades possible without forgetting to enjoy myself in the process
  • Started a blog in which I can pour out my thoughts whenever they’re crowding my mind
  • Started working on cultivating positive thoughts because I truly believe that thoughts are things and what you focus on will be what manifests itself in your life (thoughts are extremely powerful)

I’m probably missing a few things but those were a few that came to mind. Every time I want to be fearful about my future, something deep inside me tells me that everything’s going to be alright and maybe, after going through many difficulties, I have in a way inoculated myself against worrying. I confuse myself at times because it almost feels wrong. I use analogies to describes lots of things so it kinda feels like I’m at a funeral and I’m the only one rejoicing in the fact that someone has moved on to something better while everyone else is having the typical mournful responses. Am I making any sense to anyone?

If not, I understand. I’m not usually up this late so this could just be my last-minute-right-before-I-hit-the-hay ramblings that I’m subjecting you to. Oh well, it’s all out now, so maybe I can go to sleep now without having all of these thoughts floating around in my head. Thanks for listening (or reading I guess).

Don’t ever forget how precious and powerful you are. Love yourselves dearly.