Downward Dog??

Checking out Yoga

Hello again everyone. A few posts ago I was rambling on about countdowns. How, in my opinion, these were the most interesting types of blogs to follow. It’s almost like watching a soap opera, you just can’t wait to find out what happens tomorrow! Any who, I was dabbling with this idea after seeing a video about a man who was disabled and couldn’t walk without the help of knee braces and forearm crutches. This man was able to rehabilitate himself after starting yoga and now he can walk unassisted.

So I’ve checked out some websites, some YouTube videos and I’m gonna do a little more research but I may give this a shot. Maybe an even crazier idea might be to have a different countdown every 30 days. Maybe Yoga this month and recipes next month, I don’t know, I haven’t thought that far yet.

I am overweight, wouldn’t mind getting more flexible and would love to be able to run. This man’s video inspired me to make a change in my life and maybe by combining it with my blog I could have some kind of accountability. I’m going to take a little walk later on this evening and give this a little more thought. If I decide to go through with this hopefully I can have some followers encourage me along the way. Who knows maybe I can have a sort of virtual group of people doing the same, that way we can encourage each other? Either way this is gonna be a great exercise (no pun intended).

By the way, I’m not that great at adding links so if you want to see the video I’m referring to, go to YouTube and search for Never, ever give up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation! I thought, if this man can do it with difficulty walking, I should be thankful that I have full use of my legs (and entire body for that matter) get out there and do this for myself!

Can’t wait to let you guys know what I decide! Write ya soon ūüôā


Here I go Again

Just Lovely, HappinessGood morning everyone! Here I go again. I woke up with this overwhelming feeling that something wonderful is going to happen.

It’s a typical, beautiful, sunny Florida Saturday morning. These are the days that I usually like to go garage sale hunting with my daughter and when I dream about the day my mom moves back down so all three of us can enjoy our mother-daughter days.

Unfortunately, the necessary funds for us to enjoy that luxury has not manifested itself yet. No worries, I’m confident that the money will appear to us as needed.

For now I’ll just enjoy this Saturday as much as possible. I’m supposed to have a free afternoon today, yay!!! What will I do?

Any suggestions?


An Extra One for The Night

I tried uploading a pic but my computer wasn’t cooperating.

Oh well, I’ve been working hard on keeping my mind well fed. I read, I write, I watch videos and I talk to my kids about staying motivated. I remember hearing about motivational speaker Anthony Robbins and decided to watch a few videos on YouTube. I really like his style and have significantly improved my mood¬†by just watching a few of these.

One of the main things he says in these videos is to get specific and ask life for exactly what you want and know why you are doing it. At times I find this difficult to do because it seems a whole lot easier to generalize and say, “I just want everything to be taken care of.” I realize now why vague requests like that aren’t usually effective. It’s because everyone’s view of “taken care of” is different. What we view as problems in America may be nothing compared to people in poorer countries.

If I lose my car insurance coverage that means absolutely nothing to a poor family who is losing a loved one due to illness in a location that doesn’t have the means to obtain necessary treatment.

I often try to keep things like that in mind whenever I feel like I have problems. Sometimes it helps but sometimes it doesn’t. I usually say that no one else’s problems are more important than yours. Even if you try to direct your thoughts elsewhere, when you are going through life’s dilemmas it can be distracting enough for you to lose that compassion or to worry about others.

So as I ponder upon Tony’s question about what I want and why, they are not easy questions to answer when you really sit down and think about them. You would think that the easy answer would be to have lots of money but that’s just a superficial request. Most people don’t realize that they honestly and truly DON’T WANT MONEY! They really want the things that money can buy.

When trying to come up with my wish list of wants I also take into consideration the fact that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about my dreams. I mean, they’re my dreams, so if they’re silly to you that’s just fine and dandy. This may also be another problem for some people because there may be times that you don’t want to write something down that sounds unrealistic or too fantasy-like.

With that being said, I’m going to attempt to write some of my wants and why-I-wants here on my blog in order to help me practice not worrying about¬†the what-other-people-think part. Maybe I can kinda condition myself to the point where I can freely write down my dreams without having any fears (if possible). I will also attempt not to put a monetary amount on my wishes because, if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that money isn’t the only way of obtaining things.

So what I want to have is the following:

  • All of my bills to be paid on time every month (for obvious reasons)
  • Always have a fridge full of healthy food (not just whatever was affordable, which is usually very unhealthy)
  • Have a big enough house for me and my family (so we can live comfortably)
  • Have my house fully furnished (ditto)
  • Have a job that I love in which I can help others and feel fulfilled (one in which I can help others grow and I can grow as well)
  • Have enough time to enjoy activities with my children (so I don’t miss their childhood and live with regrets later like so many other struggling parents)
  • Be able to go on family trips several times a year, preferably at least once a month (to spend quality time with my family and build wonderful memories)
  • Take college courses on everything I’ve ever wanted to learn about (because I am very inquisitive and love school)
  • Be able to have our closets full of clothes, shoes and always have enough socks and underwear (so that there are never any toes coming out of socks or shoes again)
  • Be able to get haircuts every month (for once just be able to do this as often as I’d like and not once every 6 months – the boys really hate this)
  • Be able to have someone come and help clean the house (to free up my time for my family)
  • Never miss a school game or ceremony (to show my support)
  • Be able to help keep a smile on my mother’s face (I miss her so much)
  • Be able to make my father proud (I wish we had a better relationship)
  • To be a better friend (I’ve had some excellent friends in my life)
  • Be able to clear up my mind and my schedule enough to give back to others (I want to¬†be an inspiration)

Well I’m sure the list can go on and on if I let it but I’m going to try to focus on these things with all of my mind, body and spirit because I have faith that all of my dreams will come true. Through the tears, sorrow, agony, pain, frustration, ups and downs, I KNOW that they will come true because I am DEMANDING it from life and life must answer.

The ball is in your court now life…..please respond.

Renewed Strength

Ok confession time. I woke up yesterday with the idea that I would be getting lots accomplished. I woke up early, wrote down my goals for the day (knocked most of them out quickly), and even learned few new signs  and taught them to my kids.

However, by 10 am I was attacked by the moping monster. I shut off the computer and decided to take a nap. The kids looked at me like I had just been abducted and replaced by an alien being.

I feel like I’ve been stuck in a bit of a muck (hey look! I could be a rapper!??!) I have so many ideas, thoughts and plans but the energy of a turnip (sorry, just threw that in there, for all I know turnips might be the most energetic things on the planet and I’ve just messed up my reference point)

I feel overwhelmed. I’ve had so many book ideas, I just let them pour out on a page and doggy¬†ear that part of my notebook. I did get a chance to look up some “how to create an outline” ideas. I don’t know if that’s what I need but it just feels like what I need is to get organized.

I need to get struck by a muse and when I say struck I mean TKO’d and when I say muse I mean an idea that would make the daily grind not so grind-y.

I mean, I’m not trying to have so much money that I can burn it in the fireplace (although I am open for that amount) but just enough to not have to figure out which is more important, soap or deodorant, because funds are low.

Very soon I will be brave enough to share my story and elaborate on this soap/deodorant¬†comment so that people can get a clear understanding of where I’m coming from.

Until then I will continue to muster up as much strength as possible to keep on going and give it my all not to give up. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

Inspirational Session

I’ve just felt the urge to write, so when this happens, I don’t fight it I just write. Lately, I’ve been feeling so inspired and so motivated despite my current situation. Many people around me only see the single mom with no job and possibly no future but what they don’t see is my unwavering faith in myself.

Since quitting my job I’ve done several things that I’m quite proud of:

  • Became an AVON representative in an attempt to generate some income
  • Spent quality time with my kids and got more involved in things that¬†we all¬†can¬†enjoy as a family
  • Focused on school and ensured that I got the best grades possible without forgetting to enjoy myself in the process
  • Started a blog in which I can pour out my thoughts whenever they’re crowding my mind
  • Started working on cultivating positive thoughts because I truly believe that thoughts are things and what you focus on will be what manifests itself in your life (thoughts are extremely powerful)

I’m probably missing a few things but those were a few that came to mind. Every time I want to be fearful about my future, something deep inside me tells me that everything’s going to be alright and maybe, after going through many difficulties, I have in a way inoculated myself against worrying. I confuse myself at times because it almost feels wrong. I use analogies to describes lots of things so it kinda feels like I’m at a funeral and I’m the only one rejoicing in the fact that someone has moved on to something better while everyone else is having the typical mournful responses. Am I making any sense to anyone?

If not, I understand. I’m not usually up this late so this could just be my last-minute-right-before-I-hit-the-hay¬†ramblings that I’m subjecting you to. Oh well, it’s all out now, so maybe I can go to sleep now without having all of these thoughts floating around in my head. Thanks for listening (or reading I guess).

Don’t ever forget how precious and powerful you are. Love yourselves dearly.