Deep Thought

I’ve been thinking about how I try to help others by trying to encourage positivity. This skill was not one I was born with. It was one I acquired through life experiences and great friendships. I know that not everyone or every situation requires that kind of advice but I think, at times, maybe that’s the only way I can help.

I do want to break some things down though because I know that lots of people who teach about positivity or kindness even, don’t provide that sense of authenticity. I mean, I remember hearing and reading lots of  movies or books on positivity and aspiring to live my daily life as a super positive person but then feeling like crap if I woke up one day feeling blah. Or if I got aggravated by something the kids were doing and I yelled at them. Or if I was seeing the silver lining around a particular situation and then let it bring me down. I almost felt like I was failing at being positive. I was upset at myself for having natural feelings.

What I think a lot of people don’t tell you is that it’s ok to have a breakdown every once and awhile. There are times that I feel bad for feeling or acting a certain way but then I remind myself that it’s ok, these feelings are normal and my meltdowns are just a component of who I am but they are not here to dominate me, they’re here to allow me to express myself in any way I see fit. So I guess what I’m saying is that positive thinking should be incorporated into everyone’s life as a bonus and as a way to help us get through any tough times but it’s not meant for us to be slaves to it either.

I’m going through a very tough time right now and though I am positive my situation will improve it doesn’t stop me from worrying a little. It’s actually kind of confusing sometimes, knowing that everything is going to work out yet worrying about the “what if it doesn’t?” part. Well I’m rambling on again but I really needed to let these thoughts out of my head and maybe now that their out of there I can worry a little less.

Thanks for reading.


Reset on Life

Good morning! I feel as if my life’s reset button has been pushed. I feel fully rejuvenated and refreshed today. I feel like I can conquer the world and all of my dreams have come true. It feels like if someone were to look upon my face today, I would look absolutely radiant and glowing.

Not sure what happened and I can’t really explain it but I just have a great feeling about today and know that great things are coming.

After my melt down over the pancakes yesterday, I felt like I needed some inspiration, something to bring back my natural umph. So I went to the library and started searching for a book/dvd that impacted me significantly a few years ago. That book/dvd is called The Secret. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction so I knew that getting some more of those positive images and thoughts in my mind would change my situation.

I didn’t find it at the library but with all of my intention and focus I said to myself, “It’s not here but I will find it or it will find me.” I knew, that I knew, that I knew it was coming to me. I just sent out that intention and went on about my day. So not much happened for the rest of the day. I went to class last night and my mood started to improve as is the usual case whenever I’m in school (I often say that I’m addicted to academia) and when I got home I had dinner, taught the kids some of the new signs I had learned, etc, etc.

Later on in the evening I noticed my kids were watching a movie on Netflix and it was just coming to an end so they asked me if we could watch a movie together. They gave me control over it so that I could choose for us. After flicking for what seemed like an eternity, guess what movie happened to be available to watch instantly? You got it! The Secret. I screamed out so loud and so fast that my kids looked at me like I was purple with ten heads as my dear friend Christine would have put it.

They didn’t want to see it with me but at that point I didn’t care because I felt like my mission was accomplished. I had attracted this movie to me!

Just to give you a little background, periodically I test myself on the power of my mind by strongly intending something and it always works. Somehow though I allow myself to get so caught up in my surroundings that I forget about that power. Today I will be focusing strongly on remaining positive and sending my intentions out for the life that I am choosing. I will go about my day knowing that it will all come to me and will work on helping anyone who needs an encouragement boost today.

I love how powerful my mind is and how I’ve come back to this point in time and reminded myself about this power. I’m here also to remind you of the power that you have. You are all-powerful beings. Use that power to shape your life however you want it to be. This is not a joke, a myth or just crazy talk. This is REAL. You don’t have to take my word for it, just try it! You won’t lose anything by putting all of your efforts into thinking positive. Try it for at least today and see what happens!

Many blessings to you all today!