My 1st Love

In past posts I may have mentioned that I am a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator; that’s my official title. I have been a medical assistant for 10 years with 6 of those years being dedicated to research. Research was my 1st love. The first company that I worked forĀ gave me a wealth of knowledge. I was immaculately trained by 2 awesome women who have gained my full respect. I felt like I was in control and could handle any position in research, I was the research superwoman!

My thoughts on research now: After moving 200 miles away from my first research site, I have been able to experience several other sites. I have officially fallen out of love with research. I have seen so much dirty research that I just can’t stand it anymore. I was originally getting into the nursing program at my college so that I can advance my career in research and was dabbling with the idea of possibly becoming a pharmacist and help with the creation of new medications to help people. After the experiences I’ve had, I’m sadly giving up on it. It feels like a break up with heartache and all. I have many fond memories of the years that I had in research but that’s all over now, things have changed drastically.

If its meant to be, maybe one day, should there be a reputable company worthy of sharing my knowledge with, maybe my love can be rekindled but for now I will lament with all of my other research soldiers who have been let down.

Anybody out in the blogging world have any similar experiences?