Good Times

I’m back! Let me tell you a little story about what happened when I got back home after class last night.

My daughter has been practicing her dance moves because she wants to submit a video for Disney’s Make Your Mark contest. So all of us were helping her by recording her with our phones, replaying them for her and giving her critiques. Shortly after that, we started goofing off with our phones. My oldest son was re-enacting his sister’s dance moves and we shared some laughs while I was trying to covertly get him on video.

Well, that was the original plan, however, I was using my daughter’s phone and realized that she had the forward facing camera on, therefore I got nothing but video of my face…..or did I??

After having a good laugh about video recording my face we all got a bit distracted and I placed the phone down while it was still recording. So what happened next? Did I just record 20 more seconds of family nostrils? No.

My 9-year-old son sneaks the phone from the table and starts recording himself making the most ridiculous faces ever!! Let me tell you, when he got back and told us to look at the video, I was laughing so hard,

the integrity of my pants was highly at risk. I really wish I could post the video for all to see, however, I am not a video master by no stretch of the imagination so I don’t know how to edit it, sorry. I have not laughed that hard in a long time! I really, really needed that.

Lesson here: I think at times we allow ourselves to get so caught up in our troubles that we forget how to take it easy and have fun sometimes. I want to thank my childrenĀ for helping me get back to my happy, joyful self. Thank you my loves!!!